Eight years ago, we embarked on the path of physical and mental development. In the meantime, Potentia Gym has established itself as one of the premier places for health, well-being, appearance and performance improvement in Slovenia. After eight years, we are still fully committed to this path. But in order to keep this philosophy, we choose only those members who identify with it. Potentia is a private gym but it’s not closed. We don’t sell clothes, protein powders or bodybuilding magazines in the gym. There are also no televisions, exercise machines or mirrors in it.


“We bring out the best in people.”

Luka Gorse, Head of Potentia Gym

Luka graduated first in his class at the Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana with an average mark of 9,4/10. As an athlete he was European vice-champion in archery. In a decade of practise he has logged over 10.000 training hours with over 300 individuals. He has coached world class athletes from many different sports, worked as mentor for undergraduated students and counseled numerous organizations regarding sports training and leadership. Luka is an international author. He has written a successful book Feel like superhuman (Aktivirajte Potentio telesa in uma) and has authored hundreds of published articles and educational videos. He is also well known by his pioneering work in the field of Combat sports and by his book Moč v Borilnih športih (Strength in combat sports) in Slovenia. He has through various media and in person helped more than ten thousand people.He trains different individuals and groups both personally as well as from afar more than 330 days per year.




Potentia is a laboratory. And in the past years, we have combined the world’s most successful and well-established systems of training, nutrition and restoration, with our research and testing. Result? The formation of unique programs which we coordinate according to the ability of an individual or a group and the goal requirements. All programs are run by our qualified and experienced trainers. We offer the programs in person as well as from afar.


The program is intended for individuals and groups who want to achieve the highest body-mind performance with the help of a trainer in Potentia.

– increased physical and mental strength
– increased physical and mental endurance
– decreased body fat, increased muscle mass

Suitable for:
– people who are goal-oriented
– people who want best achievements regarding performance and looks
– people who are willing to make more radical changes in their lifestyle


The program is intended for individuals and groups who want to achieve optimal well-being with the help of a trainer in Potentia.

– reduced chronic pain and increased energy
– reduced stress and improved immune system
– reduced physical tension and relaxation of the mind

Suitable for:
– people over 50 years of age
– people with chronic pain
– people who face a lot of stress at work


Through the years hundreds of people have trained in Potentia. Because of that, we have seen firsthand what kind of people naturally belong with us and can call Potentia almost a second home and what kind of people are exactly the opposite of what we represent.

With us do not belong people who:

– don’t want to lift heavy

– don’t want to test themselves

– don’t want to have sore muscles

– don’t want to have calluses

– don’t want to change their personal lifestyle (if necessary)

– don’t train regulary

– don’t want to stop eating »junk food«

– are accustomed to make excuses

The truth is we only have a single demand which applies to all our members. That each and every member gives his or her best effort wholeheartedly all the time and always strive for personal progression on the way to excellent performance and superhuman well-being. Look at the membership plans we offer.


24,90 /hour
  • Basic Potentia membership
  • Place and equipment usage fee
  • Creation and adjustment of the physical training
  • Weekly nutritional analysis
  • Advising and planning of mental training
  • Periodic execution of appropriate measurements
  • Free Book Feel like superhuman
  • 3 months with a coach for an individual

Group membership

49,80 /hour
  • Basic Potentia membership
  • Place and equipment usage fee
  • Creation and adjustment of the physical training
  • Weekly nutritional analysis
  • Advising and planning of mental training
  • Periodic execution of appropriate measurements
  • Free Book Feel like superhuman
  • 3 months with a coach for up to 4 individuals

Online membership

299/3 months
  • Basic Potentia membership
  • Video analysis of physical exercises
  • Creation and adjustment of the physical training
  • Weekly nutritional analysis
  • Advising and planning of mental training
  • Daily available help via e-mail
  • Free Book Feel like superhuman
  • 3 months with a coach for an individual

At Potentia, we offer goal-oriented workouts. We do not follow trends that are a hit one year and at the fitness industry dump the next year, but combine the best from all worlds and therefore can offer the best possible training systems, methods and means that are constantly adapted to the needs of the trainee. We use a wide variety of exercises which are based on the use of one’s own weight, free weights, gymnastic tools, elastic bands, balls and other equipment. All exercises develop strength, endurance, coordination, balance, mobility and also other abilities of the musculoskeletal system.

All workouts take place twice a week, regardless of the training goal. In rare cases, we organize workouts 3 or 4 times a week. We do not offer once a week workouts. All workouts take place with a trainer semi-individually (2 individuals) or with a trainer in a group (2-4 trainees) and last 50-60 minutes. Workouts take place every day of the week from 4 to 8 p.m. In the morning hours and on weekends workouts can be scheduled upon request. We offer two options to start with:
1. You come with already created group of friends or with a partner.
2. If you are coming as an individual, we will assign you to someone with similar goals/age/gender.

If you fail to come to a particular training unit, we will find you an alternative appointment in the same week (if at all possible), otherwise we will reimburse the training in the following week. Exceptions are serious injuries or serious illnesses. These are taken into account only with the submitted medical certificate, and in their case the training is put on hold for a certain period of time or the difference in payment is reimbursed – as the trainee wishes.

The youngest member who trained at Potentia was 8 years old and the oldest 74. In between, there were members of all possible ages. With us, no age is an obstacle, as coaches adjust the training according to the needs of the individual.

We do not make any significant differences between the sexes.

Because we adjust to your physical and mental readiness to exercise, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t engaged in any type of physical activity in the past ten years, or have been completely inactive. So far, we have helped several individuals who weighed over 150 kg and were previously completely physically inactive.

All coaches are former top athletes, so injuries are well-known to us. In fact, many individuals who come to us have already suffered some kind of injury or occasionally suffer from some sort of chronic pain. It is rare for us to get an individual who is in perfect health. Because we know a very wide range of exercises and methods, we can always choose the ones that are performed safely and without pain, regardless of the individual’s problem.

A weekly diet analysis is performed according to the food journal written by the member in the previous week. The analysis is sent to the member by e-mail every Monday, and at the same time they comment on it again together with the trainer at the next training unit. We do not write meal plans because we want members to gain as much practical knowledge about nutrition as possible and, above all, to become aware of their eating habits. For beginners, the first four analyzes are mandatory, later the analyzes are performed at the request of the individual.

We are aware that the mind is at least as an important part of an individual as the body. Therefore, we also offer our members counseling in the field of meditation and mindfulness exercises from the very beginning, as we want to help individuals as optimally and balanced as possible. Mental training is performed by each member individually outside our sports center, and in Potentia we offer learning, support and suggestions for performing it.

Mental training is technically very easy to perform and does not require any aids. The easiest way to do it is at home. It takes 5-30 minutes and is performed 1-2 times a day, depending on the program, throughout the week. Mental exercise is optional, but we strongly recommend it if you want to get all the benefits of our programs.

Training is charged together for a 3-month period (for the first time, individuals can also opt for a one-month period). From the day of payment to the same day of the month within three months. The tax is not charged because we are not required to pay tax. In the case of a group, one person is the holder of “appointment” hours.

For individuals: 24.90€ x 24 hours (3 months) = 597.6€
For groups: 49.80€ x 24 hours (3 months) = 1195.2€
Loyal members (those who train continuously for at least one year) are granted a 10% discount.

We offer an exclusively non-cash method of payment (payment is not possible at the sports center). Payment can be settled via the online bank or payment order upon receipt of our proforma invoice (the start of the training is possible when the payment is visible on our transaction account).




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